Masked wolf Edit

Prologue-A monster is born Edit

Under the full moon on a warm winter night,a wolf rushed.The wolf was a grey wolf and a clan member.She went out to hunt for the tribe,and ended up getting lost.Where am I?she thought.She cuddled in fear.Have I gone cag mag?she thought.She was the smartest member of the clan so she couldn't go cag mag.She knew everything,from hagsfiend's to shattering, she knew it all.

Her search stopped when she saw something.What was it?She walked to it slowly.This closer she got,the stronger she felt.Closer and closer,stronger and stronger.She,at last.,found the source."Mu metal."she said.

She remembered the time her family,and clan,fought in the war of the ember.Her little sister,Lily,had just been born.The leader of the pure ones,Nyra,had wore her fallen husbands mask.During the battle,she got a scar from Nyra.She tried everything to get rid of it,but she couldn't.

"Maybe this mask could hide my scar."the wolf said.

She put it on.She felt dizzy.Then she lost her mind and fell asleep.

Then she woke up.She wasn't where she was when she was when she fell asleep.A yellow wolf perched before her.

"I am Hiep."The wolf said."And you are?"Hiep asked.

"I don't know any thing."She said.

"Your the mask.And you will help."

A evil grin came on the mask's face.Her time has come.