Tyrannus is a lone wolf which lives in the snowless and ever so thriving Edges of the Beyond, often called by the deer, wolves and even bears of the area as “The Tyrant/Demon of the Edges”.

It is unknown who his real mother of father is, or what his real name is, all that it known is that he achieved the name Tyrannus due to his totalitarian mindset, where he demands subservience from everyone.

Life Edit

Tyrannus was found near the river of the ever so green edges of the beyond, raised by a small pack of nomadic wolves, at a young age he wasn’t just training and play-fighting, he was already hunting, realising at a young age that he needs to hunt, he goes off a perfects his hunting skills, ever so increasing his physical strength and bulk especially, leading to his terrifying brute strength.

At a young age he was fighting stags and rallying other young wolves to take down larger lone prey, possessing so much power he was indeed incredibly strong, and fit to be the alpha of his pack.

Tyrannus had his eyes set on Lyra the Coldwind, the daughter of the alpha, Tyrannus had risen through the ranks from gnaw wolf all the way to being a super-beta, or a counselor of the alpha.

However, Lyra was betrothed to another nomadic clan, to a wolf named Xander the Sharp, challenging him to a battle Tyrannus defeated Xander by pinning him to the ground and forcing Xander to concede.

Lyra however did not love Tyrannus, and had many affairs with Xander the Sharp, but Tyrannus’ ravens caught word of this and reported to Tyrannus, Tyrannus sent a small pack of gnaw wolves under him (and a foreigner wolf doing the trail of shame) to go assassinate Xander in exchange for food. The wolves did just that and were rewarded handsomely as promised.

Lyra leapt off a cliff due to grief and this started a chain of events which resulted in the alpha dying out of sadness, a tournament was held to find a new alpha, but the pack was soon attacked by raiders and it eventually lead to the pack’s demise.

Escaping with his sons Aganos and Abellone he went out to find a new life, he had since married off Abellone to a pack of the MacDuncan clan, and allowed Aganos to live his life alone.

Tyrannus became a wandering warrior who defeated every beast, killed opponents and embraced their mates, a true fiend.

Tyrannus still wanders the edges of the beyond, while he is technically not the king or emperor of the beyond (no one is), it’s no doubt his power and legend are authority enough to show that he is the Tyrant of its edges.