A black-gray wolf ran through the wilderness of the Beyond. This wolf had a malchad pup. They'll never catch me! The wolf thought. The black wolf found a hiden den inside bushes. It was diffeculte to get in and out, and thats what the black wolf liked about the den. Obeas wouldn't be able to get in! A minute later the pups came out. A white pup, a tawny pup, and a gray pup. The black wolf took her pups to a deeper part of the den.

A brown wolf called Kira smelled the black wolf. Kira was a obea. That Amie. Thinks she can hide! I know she's here somewhere! Kira thought. Kira followed Amie's scent. Kira found the den. Kira tried going in. "Useless!" Kira said. Amie heard Kira. Amie's White pup had a twisted ear. I hope Kira dosn't notice! Amie thought.

Kira destroied the intrence. "Where are you Amie! Do you have a malchad? I hope not!" Kira said.

Amie hugged her pups tight. Obeas won't find my white pup! Amie thought. Kira saw Amie. "Please don't take my pups!" Amie said and started to cry. Kira smiled. "Its ok." Kira said. Kira took the white pup. Kira ran in the forest with the white pup.


The white pup was layed on a rock near a fallen tree. A gray female wolf had always wanted pups. Luckily, The white pup had been set down in that area. The gray female wolf raised her green eyes. "A PUP!! A PUP!!" She yelled happily. The gray wolf picked up the white pup. The white pup whimpered.


The gray wolf was named Rosa. She had named the white pup Bluemoon. "Bluemoon sweety, time for sleep!" Rosa called. "Why mum! I saw..." Bluemoon wasn't able to finnish the sentence, "Sleeptime is sleeptime." Rosa said. "Alright. I'll go to sleep. Goodnight mum." Bluemoon said.

"Goodnight, Bluemoon."

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